Love is always secret, right? Nope really.
Addiction is bad, right? Not exactly.

Some love stories we love to share. Some addiction is better to be there.

My secret love is beautiful outside, great inside. She is like a sky full of stars in the night, full of sunshine in the day. Every time I enter deep into her, I feel the new in her. Every time I reach her, I get her in a different look. Every time I walk with her it seems I am walking through a new path which I have not seen before.

When I look into her pretty face, I feel strong desire to smell her. When I smell her, it feels nothing alike in the world. When I touch her, my fingers and my hand shakes with a feeling that cannot be expressed in black and white. When I move with her, I feel eternal love. When I talk with her, she moves my heart.

When I finish I feel great accomplishment and boost myself up to pick the next one. I never feel bore or tired to pick up the next and the new one. My desire is increased more and more. So hope by now you are too curious to know her and meet her ‘Now’.

“My friend that love is Books, Books and Books. I love books. I love reading books. I love buying books. My passion is buying books, reading books and loving books. ” – I am a life long learner….I am thirsty!!